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You wouldn't' use the word tummy in your human anatomy class, but you might use it when you babysit your two-year-old niece. Infants sometimes have tummy" time, a short period when they are turned onto their stomachs so they can develop their neck and shoulder muscles.
Tummy Tuck Photos Before and After Quaba UK.
Mini tummy tuck. This lady was bothered by a small amount of loose skin affecting her lower tummy. She had no excess skin or fat in the upper part of her tummy so was ideal for a mini tummy tuck with some liposuction as well.
TUMMY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The human torso. Definition of tummy from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's' Dictionary Thesaurus Cambridge University Press. tummy American Dictionary. a childs word. Your browser doesn't' support HTML5 audio. My tummy hurts. Definition of tummy from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
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An 'arm' lift'' is surgery to reshape or reconstruct the underside of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow. Cosmetic Surgery in Private Hospitals English. Thinking of getting liposuction, breast augmentation or tummy tuck? It is illegal to perform liposuction or cosmetic surgeries in an unregistered setting.
Urban Dictionary: tummy.
Get the tummy mug. abbreviation for the word tumultuous meaning excited or wild. usually used to make others angry when they don't' understand why you are replacing the word stoked with tummy. i'm' so tummy for the party friday." November 19, 2007.
Tummy time for babies: in pictures Raising Children Network.
Let your baby know youre there by talking and singing, stroking his back or tickling his hands. If your baby doesnt like tummy time on the floor, try tummy time on a rolled-up towel, your lap or large ball. Supervise baby during tummy time.
tummy meaning of tummy in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
As they straighten, curve the spine and pull in the tummy, as if you have just received a blow. Relax the tummy muscles, then repeat. tummy ache They tell me he's' got toothache and tummy ache from eating too many sweets.
Tummy Tuck.
Tummy Tuck at Woodland Hospital. Also known as an abdominoplasty, tummy tucks are an effective way of removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen. The aim is to produce a tighter and flatter stomach which may include the tightening of the stomach muscles.
tummy noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary at
to have a tummy ache. a tummy bug/upset an illness when you feel sick or vomit. Theres a baby growing in your mummys tummy. cosmetic surgery like facelifts and tummy tucks. see also gippy tummy Topics Body c1. Oxford Collocations Dictionary adjective.
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Arm Lift Body Contouring Body Lift Botulinum Toxin Breast Augmentation Breast Implant Removal Exchange Breast Lift Breast Reconstruction Breast Reduction Brow Lift Buttock Lift with Augmentation Chin Augmentation Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Repair Craniosynostosis Surgery Dermal Fillers Ear Surgery Eyelid Surgery Facelift Gynecomastia Surgery Hair Transplant Liposuction Mommy Makeover Rhinoplasty Thigh Lift Tummy Tuck.
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You can have liposuction on its own instead of a tummy tuck, but it only removes fat, whereas a tummy tuck removes fat and skin. Liposuction might be helpful if youre not generally overweight, but have localised areas of fat that you want to get rid of.
tummy - Wiktionary.
tummy plural tummies. colloquial, often childish Stomach or belly. 1912, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World 1.: So" I broke away early this mornin', gave my guard a kick in the tummy that laid him out, and sprinted for the camp."

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